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    Steam Engine ( Model)

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    Steam Engine Model With Boiler
    Catalog No : 1050220

    Operation of a commercial steam engine is well illustrated with this working model. The extra large size unit is provided with a horizontal boiler with a whistle, safety valve, steam gauge. Mounted on a metal base. Heating caused due to burning of fuel cause water in the boiler to boil and the resulting steam makes the flywheel mounted on the crank to rotate. A pulley mounted at the free end of flywheel shaft can be used to drive dynamo etc., to demonstrate the conversion of chemical energy to heat, mechanical and electrical energies respectively. Supplied complete with fuel, fuel burner and screw driver for opening the boiler to fill it with water.

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    Tn. Tedos Riki
    Jl. Teratai No.26 Flamboyan Baru

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