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Biosafety Cabinet Class I Model BYKG-I/ II/ III/ V from BIOBASE

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The Class I Biological Safety Cabinet is a negative-pressure, ventilated cabinet usually operated with an open front and a minimum face velocity at the work opening of at least 75 linear feet per minute ( lfpm) . All of the air from the cabinet is sent through a HEPA filter, either into the laboratory or to the outside. Model BYKG-I External Dimensions ( W x D x H) 550* 395* 730 Internal Dimensions ( W x D x H) 540* 385* 400 HEPA Filter 1 piece Airflow Velocity > 0.53m/ s Noise Level < 55 dB Fluorescent Lamp 15W* 1 UV Lamp 15W* 1 Power Consumption 150W Main Body Construction Acrylic Plate Operation table 304 stainless steel Electrical 110~ 240V/ 50HZ~ 60HZ Standard Accessory Fluorescent Light, UV ORDER NOW ! ! ! need a brochure OR manual ? ? ? just find it in :